Cultivation Advantage

Cannabis Cultivation

Before we began thinking about “how” we wanted to grow and cultivate cannabis we wanted to ensure that we had the right team in place. Our cultivation team has worked at some of the best and biggest labs in the world, (credentials) often at the forefront of innovation and research in the field. We take pride in having assembled an expert team in all the branches of our company.

Our approach to developing a cultivation strategy started with significant amount of planning. A key concern for Weed Me was to figure out how to grow our plants efficiently, without any harmful chemicals or pesticides, and produce plants that are consistently high in potency. We also wanted to get the process in place right away so that on the business side of things we were spending only on what we truly needed to succeed. Before committing to one system or another, our company performed over 24 months of research of cultivation technology and lights. (some credentials of where and who helped with research). The ultimate goal for Weed Me was to finish with the best setup that provided us with the highest quality results, and put us above other producers in Canada.

The Process

An important aspect of our cultivation and growing process is the minimum amount of human involvement that is required during the growing process. The Argus systems that run in our grow rooms constantly monitor the plants and adjust the preset program as necessary to ensure they are getting the right amount of light, air, and water.

Another innovation that we are utilizing in our grow rooms is the complete lack of soil in our planter blocks. Because the plants are constantly monitored and fed the right amount of nutrients they require, soil is not necessary.

As opposed to conventional big lights that hang from the ceilings our grow rooms have a LED strips that hang directly above the plant. These LEDs are a lot more efficient, and hang in close proximity to the plant, and get raised as the plant grows.
It is estimated that our growers will be able to yield 400-500g per sq ft.

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