Why Weed Me?

By the end of 2019, the company is planning to complete construction on Phase 2 of its growing facility, creating an additional 12,000 sq ft (20,000 sq ft total) of growing space, able to produce an additional 3,000 kg (4,000 kg total).

Beyond the immediate physical expansion, the company sees 3 strategies for continued success and growth: license leverage, entering the recreational market, and investing heavily in research and development to create new products.

The legalization of recreational cannabis use also allows for ample expansion opportunities. By the most modest predictions, it is estimated that the recreational cannabis market in North America will double in the amount over the next decade, creating a significant demand for producers, and Weed Me is right at the forefront of being able to deliver a variety of products based on customer needs.

Weed Me has a unique opportunity to not only fill the demand as a producer but also establish its own brand and create loyalty based on the consistency and high quality of their products.

Besides Weed Me’s current production capabilities, a big part of the company’s vision is in the potential alternative applications of cannabis and cannabis products. Upon the completion of the additional facility Weed Me is planning to set up a 1,200 sq ft laboratory dedicated specifically to product development and testing.

Through the strength and expertise of the management team, one of a kind growing facility, and proven and tested cultivation methods, Weed Me is poised to become not only a trustworthy and responsible producer of cannabis and cannabis products but also a viable business that offers potential investors ample opportunity for growth.

Global News, May 2018

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