Unique Genetics

Today, cannabis genetics go far beyond just combining different strains of marijuana to create hybrids that deliver a desired effect. Many researchers are looking past the recreational and pain relief  aspects of cannabis use, into areas of personal care, dietary supplements, sleeping aids, etc. If cannabis can be bred to give the user a specific feeling, it can also be modified to harness the most of just about any of it’s desired components

For example, the well-known Charlotte’s Angel is a strain that contains high concentrations of medicinal CBD, yet has a THC content under 1%, giving the user a pleasant feeling without any psychoactive effects. Securing exclusive access in Canada to strains like Charlotte’s Angel provided by Netherlands-based Dutch Passion is giving us an opportunity to get a head start in creating new and unique strains right here at home. It is also allowing us to start our own research lab and give our geneticists hands-on access and real-time monitoring from lab to grow room, all under one roof. By 2019 we are planning to build over 200,000 sq ft of growing, processing, storing, and research space.

Inside the Production Facility

Before the shovels hit the dirt, a lot of thinking and planning went into the design of our production facility. The main concern at the outset of construction was how to make the most efficient use of space, meet the necessary compliance requirements, and provide employees with a safe and comfortable work environment.
Weed Me contracted leading industry experts to assist with the designs and floor plans to maximize the use of our space.

We trusted Argus systems in our grow rooms for a fully computerized, automatic system that works to a pre-set program and responds to the needs of the plants throughout the different stages of growth. All our grow rooms are climate controlled to provide the best conditions to grow the best product.

Our drying rooms are also designed with efficiency in mind. The room changes air every two hours to ensure a faster drying process without any loss in quality of the product.

Combining all these technological innovations on our production floor already has made it one of a kind in Canada.
It also had a positive impact on our business, helping in part to secure an exclusive contract with a Netherlands based seed bank Dutch Passion. By having the opportunity to brind Dutch Passion’s unique strain bank and decades of knowledge in cannabis genetics is truly giving us a unique advantage upon entering the LP market.

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